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Legal status of a dog in Poland.

Practitioner guide for doggie.

I dedicate this book to my husband Marcin,

to my dogs Lara and Saba

and all animals,

and also to all people of good will,

who are not indifferent to the fate of animals.

Hardcover, headband, ribbon. Legal issues in relation to the dog (including civil, criminal, petty offenses, administrative, veterinary), jurisprudence and laws highlighted, comments, tables, drawings, photos. Total over 360 pages.

This book is a collection of legal advice and regulations that apply to the dog and its owner. It is intended both for people who already have a dog, and for those who are just going to adopt one.

The publication comprehensively presents the legal aspects related to dog ownership

including rights and obligations, such as walking the dog in the city, outdoors, in means of transport, as well as in public places.

The author is a graduate of the University of Silesia, Faculty of Law and Administration in Katowice. As the owner of two bitches from the shelter, she understands the problems that the law creates for other dog owners.

The book is a combination of two professional passions, which is law, with love for animals.

This publication presents the legal regulations of Polish law relating to dogs.

The book contains legal issues broken down into aspects: material; obligatory, including liability under the Civil Code; related to the Animal Protection Act; administrative and other regulations; in addition, criminal and offenses and veterinary.

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Photo Natalia Dobrowolska

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Photos and videos protected by copyright. No copying.

Author: Natalia Dobrowolska

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