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Storage System Operator. Legal aspects

The book is a compendium of knowledge about regulations, statements, comments, jurisprudence and legal provisions relating to the storage system operator (SSO), which, according to the energy law currently in force, is an energy company dealing with the storage of gaseous fuels, responsible for the operation of the storage facility.

Over 480 pages of legal issues relating to the storage system operator.

The author has been a lawyer in a corporation of one of the largest companies in Poland for 11 years in the field of energy law, as well as geological and mining law. The book deals with aspects related to legal regulations in relation to the operator of the storage system.

Natalia Dobrowolska is also the author of the publication "Legal status of a dog in Poland. A guide to dog practice", Publishing House Poligraf 2018 and "Dog and law in illustrations" by Wydawnictwo Poligraf 2019.

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Cover design by Poligraf Publishing House. All rights reserved.

Photo Natalia Dobrowolska.

In the photo: Gazownia Warszawska in Wola, a building commonly referred to as the "Warsaw Coliseum".

Former gas tank from the 19th century, now entered in the register of monuments.

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The book will be available in bookstores in the second half of April 2019.

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