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Fot. Natalia Dobrowolska. Zdjęcie chronione prawami autorskimi. Zakaz kopiowania.

The legal status of a cat in Poland can be found on our website not by accident. As guardians of animals and dogs, we have been asked many times about cats and their rights. Therefore, due to the readers' inquiries, we have created a tab on our website about these wonderful purrs. Maybe the site will develop even more over time. We hope that the book will meet the readers' expectations, and the tab will please cat keepers, especially since many dog keepers also have cats.

The legal status of the cat in Poland


While running the community, I have received many requests for a set of such laws for cats. There will be a bit less of these provisions, not least because not everything that concerns a dog also applies to the cat.

This book is a collection of legal advice and regulations that apply to your cat and its owner / carer. It is intended both for people who already have a cat and for those who are just going to adopt one. The book is 150 pages long and is black and white.

The author is a lawyer, a graduate of the University of Silesia, Faculty of Law and Administration in Katowice.

The book is a combination of two professional passions, which is law, with love for animals.

This publication presents the legal regulations in Polish law in relation to the cat.

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Book already in bookstores.

Premiere on September 28, 2019.

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