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photo by Marcin Dobrowolski

Photos protected by copyright. No copying.


Photos protected by copyright. No copying.

Natalia Dobrowolska - Master of Law, graduate of the University of Silesia, Faculty of Law and Administration

in Katowice, a lawyer in energy, geological and mining law, and above all in animal rights. Trainee attorney-at-law at OIRP Warsaw in 2008–2010, participant in the Doctoral Doctoral Seminar of the Kozminski University in Warsaw in 2011–2017. From 2016 to 2017, she was an editor in the bimonthly magazine "Dog & Sport", in which she published legal articles about dogs, rights and obligations related to

with having a dog. Leading kyno-veterinary groups (forums). The owner of two bitches from the shelter in Paluchu in Warsaw. He combines his professional passion for law with love for animals.

In the photo with me Lara and Saba, thanks to whom I wrote the book. Both from the shelter.

Lara was born in January 2014.

Saba born February 2011.

I present to the Readers two girls, the heroines of the book, without which it would never have been created. Dogs from the shelter on Paluch in Warsaw. Saba abandoned, Lara suffering from pancreas. I don't want to think what fate awaits these two wonderful beings. The biggest thanks are due, because they taught me what I contained in the book. The photos are from the charming place Kamieńczyk on the Bug river.

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Authors: Natalia Dobrowolska, Marcin Dobrowolski.

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